It’s Almost Time 2 Consider…

The holidays are growing closer, Easter for some, Passover for others, as well as Earth Day and Arbor Day; nostalgia is creeping into my blood stream.  On April 11th, it will mark six months since the passing of my mother, and today it feels like a lifetime since I spoke to her, held her, even […]

Sometimes You Take A Break

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to write, life has been full of work, and obstacles that have kept me from what I love most… It’s not just my mom (or my dad,) it’s taking the time to share my thoughts that may keep me focused on what is important and touch someone else […]

Please Join Me!

On this International Women’s Day Join me and consider reaching out to the DVasha Series.  If not for my mother, your mother, and all the women who chose to set the path before us, we owe them our gratitude. I have been personally blessed that I had a mother and a mother-in-law who accepted me […]

Epiphany on Mom’s Birthday

If I believe that it is our soul, personality, our inner being that lives on, it makes no differences how our bodies return to the earth when our body gives up its last breath.  Our body might give up, but if someone continues to remember us, love us, they will keep us alive! That is […]

It’s Almost February 28th

An open letter to my family: In three days, it will be February 28th, and traditionally (except for that odd Leap Year) I, much like you, would call MOM, our DVasha, or Auntie Dorothy, and wish her a Happy Birthday. For me, it is especially bittersweet as I will be lighting Baube Friedman’s Yahrzeit Candle […]

AGING – Let’s Do It Right!

Listening isn’t waiting for the other person to stop talking so you can tell your story. It’s metabolizing what the other person is saying. You take it in. You ingest it, chew over it, make it real and then you add something new into the universe. It takes practice to hear what is not being […]