I HaVe WiTnEsSeD

#FIGHTMARIEFIGHT For the past couple of weeks, I have witnessed a friend of our family struggling as his mother fights for her life and a warrior of family and friends (and acquaintances) join the bandwagon. I understand Vince’s compassion, love, and heartache and there is no word to offer other than you are not alone […]

I Hope They R Proud

My mom (and my pops) would be proud of me today, but even more proud of the young man I have raised along with my husband, Richard. Not only would they be proud of Alex, but the fact that Alex and his brother Steve have rebuilt what was once a rocky relationship into a solid […]

april fools ~ it’s not a joke

I wish I could say, “April Fools, my mom really didn’t die, she was just recovering from a face-lift!”  However, it would be a bad, sadistic, April Fool’s Day joke to play on anyone.  Instead I could just share my brother Joel’s favorite one: waking up early before the rest of the household, exchanging the […]

It’s Almost Time 2 Consider…

The holidays are growing closer, Easter for some, Passover for others, as well as Earth Day and Arbor Day; nostalgia is creeping into my blood stream.  On April 11th, it will mark six months since the passing of my mother, and today it feels like a lifetime since I spoke to her, held her, even […]

Sometimes You Take A Break

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to write, life has been full of work, and obstacles that have kept me from what I love most… It’s not just my mom (or my dad,) it’s taking the time to share my thoughts that may keep me focused on what is important and touch someone else […]

Please Join Me!

On this International Women’s Day Join me and consider reaching out to the DVasha Series.  If not for my mother, your mother, and all the women who chose to set the path before us, we owe them our gratitude. I have been personally blessed that I had a mother and a mother-in-law who accepted me […]