What I Wish I Could Share with My MOM

loving mother

It’s not that I haven’t had much to say this past week, in fact, my head has been reeling with thoughts and ideas that I wish I could be sharing with my mom.  It’s true, for most of us that our mother is our best friend. For nine months, she carried us inside her warm body. The majority of us were nurtured by her diet and her care for our well being during that time to bring us to a safe birth. I know that some mothers either by choice or chance have not or will not have this same experience, but I was one of those blessed. However, it took me until the end of my mother’s life to appreciate her for 66 ½ years of my life.

wish heaven had a phone

Since August 2, 2016, I feel that not only has my life been turned upside down and inside out, but I am a better person for it. However, I am not looking for accolades from anyone; I am just sad that I could not be sharing this stage of life with my mom (and pops.)

cope with life

This Spring, while Alex was struggling once again with his future, broadcasting being a profession he knows he is qualified for and excellent at, he saw doors closing and the future stagnant. With resumes flying off his computer for jobs that weren’t leading to careers he wasn’t even getting a rejection notice, and that made him feel insignificant, almost worthless, at least be honest and reject him! As a mother, I felt heartbroken and yet I knew I could enable him like so many in his generation. In fact, as someone on the spectrum, we were encouraged to enable him, and we fought it, and yet that set him apart even more from the other millennials.

two options

With an option to buy into an internet radio station, my husband and I considered loaning Alex the money to get his foot in the door to play a larger part and create a career. However, for reasons that did not mesh with Alex’s vision and our investment we chose to bet on Alex! Alex has formed, NewClevelandRadio.net, LLC. This new internet radio format is not completing its third week, and it is growing slowly, but it is truly a web concept and will be worldwide touching on Alex’s passions.


If you check out our schedule which is growing with both, live on air and live recorded podcasts we offer positive messaging programs in the day and Sports at night and we will soon be adding entertainment. We also hope to be connected to a new YouTube channel that Alex is forming for a gaming show. As he says, gaming has been his go to with Autism, so why not use it for a business format as well.

Our_Family_Misc_0237_aOUR MOTHER – THE DVASHA

By the end of the year in honor of my mother DVasha who insisted that I could do anything I put my mind to, we plan to have newclevelandradio.net up and running 24/7. We may be replaying programs for night owls, or we may be lucky to find those new recording artists who want to share their talents for crowd funding to become part of the vision. We may be called, newclevelandradio.net, but we are more than Cleveland, Ohio. We now are bringing you shows from Cleveland, Detroit, and Saratoga Springs, NY. (Your home town is next.)

Cookie monster

Next, on the agenda we will be introducing, Baube DVasha’s Chocolate Chip Cookies this weekend, when we podcast live at the Mayfield Hgts (Progressive Insurance Campus) Fireworks Display, July 1. A portion of all sales will be donated this year to a charitable foundation. Our next step is to license the recipe and help others through my mother’s legacy!

loving people

Since I can’t share this with my mom in person, I am sharing this with you and ask that you share this with your mom (and dad.) Hug them and know that today is a present you may never have again!

Follow us and our sponsors on newclevelandradio.net


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