Happy 76 Years (This one in Heaven)


76 years ago, today my parents, Jay Harmon Moss and Dorothy DVasha Freedman join their lives together in marriage. They were married in a simple ceremony at the home of my mother’s sister Anne Jaffe’s, as Anne and her husband Ben kept a kosher home. It was essential to have a kosher reception as both my father’s parents, Abe and Jenny Moss, and mom’s parents, Ida and Louis Freedman kept kosher.

The year 1941 was World War II time and not only was money tight, but many of mom and dad’s friends weren’t available to attend the wedding with loved ones already called to duty. Dad assumed he too would be called and so they arranged their wedding in expectation only to soon learn he would not serve he was declined with a 4F he was found to be physically unfit with: 1) flat feet, 2) ulcers.

Married life began on June 21st, the first day of summer in 1941. My parents had a love affair for 63 years, one that came with many Ups and downS but they always ROSE to the occasion. Mom and Dad were nicknamed the “Bickerson’s” they would nit-pick at each other and raise their voices, but at the end of the day, they would put their difference aside. Often my father would write a love poem.

On June 21, 1994, my father wrote:
Boy oh boy, I’ve got it made
It cannot rain on my parade.
Like ice cream floats and lemonade.
A carnival’s my stock in trade.
Golly gee, I’ve had a ball
The bumps, I didn’t mind at all.
I’m always feeling ten feet tall
and ‘safe’ had been my umpire’s call.
Holy cow, I’ve got it grand
I’m the leader of the band
Sweet music’s played at my command
like a score from the maestro’s stand.
All these years, right by my side,
you’ve been my coach and my guide.
I’ve won the race. I’ve won the game.
I’ve led the band. I’ve had acclaim.
Yet I know that this would not be true
without the strength of love that came from you.

Words by Harmon
mom and dad
South Haven, Michigan 1941
Mom & Dad’s Honeymoon


Today my mother and father are spending their anniversary together in the heavens above, L’Chaim!


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