Dates u Never Forget


Dates you never forget! August 2, 1964, my oldest brother Gary got married, I was a bridesmaid, and I had two dates to the wedding, and I got drunk for the first time in my life on screw drivers!  It was the happiest and saddest day because the next day a moving truck would be at our home to ship us off to the unknown territory of Minneapolis, Minnesota, leaving behind my brother and my new sister (in-law) and grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and oodles of friends, plus my first two dates.

leave footprints

Travel ahead through time, August 2, 2016, my mother had a stroke that left her blind (unbeknownst to her) sending her into a slow downward spiral of dementia leading to her passing in on October 11th of that same year.

compassion for family

August 1, 2017, my brothers, and our families, including some cousins gathered at my mother’s graveside for the traditional unveiling of her headstone.  Rabbi Joseph Krakoff, officiated as he often came by to visit my mother while she was in palliative care and continued her journey to hospice and he helped lay her to rest.  Rabbi Krakoff was not only a source of comfort and joy for my mother but he has been a comfort for me and many of my family members. In the short time he knew my mom, he knew her well, and it is easy to share both the happy and the sad memories with him, even today.

aug 1 2017
TL, Joelie, Zuzu, Rachel, Griffin, Alex, Kayla & Cooper, Gary, Kiki, Rich
Just part of the mispacha

August 1, 2017, will be another one of those dates I will never forget, it was not the first time returning to Detroit since my mother’s death, but the first time returning, gathering with family and realizing there was no central place that we call home.  My cousin Nancy opened her home to us as did my cousin Kayla, from the other side (inside family joke.)  But, neither is home, the DVasha was not there and we were guests, as we should be!  So, the discussion came up as to how siblings continue their relationship when one lives on the Westcoast, another on the East coast and I in the Midwest?

Sister and Brother

We are three distinct personalities with grown families that may choose to join us at times or not, and with the economy, the way it is a yearly get together is most likely all we will have.  We all have and use Facebook to fill in the blanks and of course iPhones or the like to communicate by voice.  But to see each other face to face Vegas just might be the place, for some to relax, others to gamble, see shows, or go beyond the borders and sight-see.

always my mother

I am DVasha’s daughter, I will bring the love and the sweetness wherever I go, in the name of my family who means so much to me. I Love You Gary, Joel & TL, Rachael, Sue &, Stacy, Rich, Steve, & Alex – Haley, Wiley, Zuzu & Griffen Brenda, Ira, Marvin, Michael & Margo, Nancy & Bob, Brian and of Course Kayla & Rob from the other side.


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