Happy 76 Years (This one in Heaven)

76 years ago, today my parents, Jay Harmon Moss and Dorothy DVasha Freedman join their lives together in marriage. They were married in a simple ceremony at the home of my mother’s sister Anne Jaffe’s, as Anne and her husband Ben kept a kosher home. It was essential to have a kosher reception as both […]

This Week of Reflection

June 10, 2017, a new day!  As we end one week and begin another, we continue our journey.  As I reflect on the past seven days, I personally have experienced a wide range of emotions.   It started with last Saturday attending the Bar Mitzvah of my cousin twice removed.  It has been many years since […]

It’s an OPTION- the DVasha Series

Thank you, Sheryl Sandberg, for Option B. Although you don’t know me, I have been living Option B my entire life. I have not always been successful at choosing the right option, and sometimes B has turned into C, D, and has climbed further up the alphabetical ladder. However, as long as I am a […]

My Parents Taught Me 2B Me

My Pops had a way with words, poetic in style!  My mother had her way with words too, and I learned from both! My style is not poetic, more like my mom’s, but when combined with the flair of my Pops, sometimes I am question as to my why my tone comes across as stern.  […]

Life – Can B like a roller-coaster- OOOPS!

I don’t blog every day, although every day I think about things I want to share.  I know my words are not any more poignant than most, but my words share a story that often touches at least one person to look in the mirror and consider their own life’s challenges and options for the […]

My Mother Would Say – Just Say It!

Today, as well as, the last couple of days have been tough!  It’s tough because the concept of COMMUNICATION has escaped many.  With the use of Facebook, texting, Twitter, and voicemail, too many people believe that communication is just sending a thumb up, a like, or an emoji with no actual response to the conversation […]