This Week of Reflection

fresh ideas

June 10, 2017, a new day!  As we end one week and begin another, we continue our journey.  As I reflect on the past seven days, I personally have experienced a wide range of emotions.   It started with last Saturday attending the Bar Mitzvah of my cousin twice removed.  It has been many years since I have been to Temple or Synagogue and I was taken back at the changes I witnessed in the service, the prayers, and the melodies.  The tone, flavoring, and aura were different but yet brought back some beautiful memories of those no longer in my life who have passed away but held in my heart.  Feeling like a stranger in a promised land, I chose to accept the positive path to where this will lead me.

enjoy the little things

I enjoyed spending time with cousins, and family friends, and meeting people whom I have known and of course knew my parents and loved them.  Many miss my mother and the bright light she was in any room she entered.


This week was also very bittersweet as my Pops would have turned 100 years young if his loving heart had not been damaged by scarlet fever as a small child.  My pops battle angina most of his life despite many doctors calling him crazy telling him there was nothing wrong with him until an Asian doctor by the name of Dr. Lee diagnosed my father, and in 1974 my dad was one of the first bypass surgery patients in Detroit, Michigan.  This would not be his only by-pass, followed by stints, and medications galore.  But Jay Harmon Moss did not complain and woke up each morning appreciating life just a little bit more.  His heart wore out his lungs, and his breathing deprived him of oxygen which caused him to trip over his oxygen tube break his femur.  It was recuperating from this fall that caused his demise.  However, each day up until his death on February 3, 2004, he found the strength to talk to his children and his loving DVasha.

being a mom

The family has always been important to me.  This week has been like going full circle as this is the week we (Rich and me) have helped Alex create the beginning of his family,  I made my mother a promise before her death in October, and a promise to my father’s cousin Bill Berman as well, that included that this would be the year to prepare Alex for his future and set him on his way.  Not only is Alex ready, but so am I (and Rich.)  Alex has dreams, and this includes his talents and passions, and if it takes our assistance in helping him get from A to B, we will do what it takes because that’s what parents do.

i believe in you

Next week we will go live with our shows.  When I say we, that includes Alex with sports and me with the  I ask that you check us out.  Consider participating.  In loving honor of all the sports talks Alex had with his zayde, Jay Harmon, listen to what he says.  It’ not just Cleveland!  In memory of his Grandpa Abe and Great Uncle Joe, Alex loves baseball despite Baube Muskovitz stating, “Only bums play baseball.”  (Did you know Abe & Joe Moss played for the Tigers Farm Team called Grabowski Motors?)

stay positive is a series of positive messaging programs that I am putting together to honor my mom’s memory and the values she taught me.  I hope to share with my listeners that life is short and that we must enjoy each moment and value our relationships.


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