DVashaseries.com coming to Live Internet Radio

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. (I am so excited.) If I learned nothing else from my parents, it is to appreciate the sun rising each day with the promises of possibilities. We have the opportunity to make our days good or bad, and sadly, there are days we make the wrong choices, but even those wrong choices can teach us how to make lemons out of lemonade.

only perfect practice

As a younger version of myself, I use to imagine that I would one day achieve great success. At one time in my life, I saw myself as a beautiful housewife and mother only to become a teacher who would help change the lives of many children, not just mine. But soon that dream changed. My path turned down a musical road bitten by the school choir sounds wanting to be in the spotlight. I wanted to be; singing and dancing (turning my two left feet into those of Ginger Rogers. Anne Miller, or JLo!) However, I soon learned I wasn’t all that talented especially when my parents snickered and reminded me, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Would I ever be?

dont let others judge you

Thyroid surgery took away my voice, and my dreams for theater and fame and was replaced with marriage and earning a living. My newest dream one I had been harboring for some time of broadcasting and public speaking was still lingering inside my soul, and whenever I could involve myself in public organizations, I brought my passion to the surface. However, I allowed others to judge me, and my need for acceptance outweighed my desire to succeed.

never to late to be happyHowever here it is years later, it is never too late, to follow your dreams and to prove to yourself and to those that may not have been believers that you can do whatever you want to do!
“Somebody said it couldn’t be done, but he with a chuckle replied…”

worth it

I refuse to believe that I can’t do it, or Alex can’t do it, or my husband Richard can’t do it. Whatever IT IS, we must try. Life is too short to live with regrets. I may be OCD, and I may live by the motto “Just Do It!” But, if I don’t try, one day my chances will be gone, and I don’t want regrets.

2 be inspired

Some people swim with the sharks, climb Mt. Everest, or join the mile-high club; others find their passion and compassion getting their college degree, starting a business, or lending a hand to a person in need. For me, it’s living life to the fullest through the DVasha series and taking it to the next step. In June, in memory and honor of my mother (and father), I am investing in Alex (with my husband Richard) as Alex develops, NewsRadioCleveland.net. Alex will continue to follow his passion (his sportsgenius) in the entertainment and business world while I use my people skills and my love for broadcasting as well. Alex will produce the evening shows, and he will co-produce the day shows with me. This is our Mt. Everest! But we can do it. Bringing an alternative listening experience to the internet airwaves

effectively communicate

The podcasting I have been producing for over a year will now be a live broadcast, and we will be adding more content. I will be looking for shows that tell stories and provide information. This is not about corporate America; it’s about you and me and living life from the first breath the very last.

love and acceptance

We will talk family, blood-related, and unrelated, creating villages and peace one person at a time. We need Better Outcomes in life, and we can only do that when we learn to communicate. It’s not about gossiping at the barber, or hairdresser; it’s about the confessions of the soul that allow us to be true to ourselves and create meaningful relationships. Rachelle King has taught me that being a guest is a special relationship; a client is just a number!

say it

Keep following us as we grow our brand. Alex Hale and Pat Guzowski will keep Sports alive with After Further Review, and we hope to have Chris and Triple Threat join us as well as some other great names. If you are looking for a great place to land, contact us. Our new home is in Brecksville, Ohio, and the studio is PROFESSIONAL. We are proud to take this to the next step.

dont be ashame


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