Life – Can B like a roller-coaster- OOOPS!

be the awareness behind thoughts

I don’t blog every day, although every day I think about things I want to share.  I know my words are not any more poignant than most, but my words share a story that often touches at least one person to look in the mirror and consider their own life’s challenges and options for the POSSIBILITIES.

self reflection

Most of my life I have felt like one of Cinderella’s stepsisters, except my stepsisters weren’t sisters; they were brothers.  I always felt like I was second or third best to both of them and I am sure that is what discolored my relationship with my mother for most of my life.  However, I have learned, through therapy, and self-reflection, those feelings were solely mine and never implied directly or indirectly by anyone, other than myself.

love yourself.jpeg

Once I accepted who I am, and have found my strengths choosing not to stress over my weaknesses, I became content.  I continue to work at accepting others for the choices they make, as long as, those choices do not disrupt my life, and I do not impose my lifestyle on others.  I would rather walk away in contentment (and peace) than anger (and frustration.)

life rollercoaster.jpeg

This past week has been another roller coaster of life, and not only have the ups and downs affected me but the people in my life I love the most.  The choices that need to be made are not life shattering (at this time,) and yet I let outside sources control Alex’s journey which his father and I are willing to support.  The dips and swerves of the ride has stirred up our emotions and aggravated our guts this is not acceptable, life must move forward, the hurt and pain must be resolved.

Family we live

I am thankful for ending the week with my two sons and husband for an early Mother’s Day Dinner.  It has been many years since the four of us have spent Mother’s Day together.  The hours we spent before dinner and the meal itself were just so pleasant that I am feeling so loved and grateful for the beautiful family I have.  It was enjoyable watching Steve and Alex talk to each other as to grown young men.  Although fifteen years apart in age they are equals and have a relationship that all parents pray for.  Despite exhaustion after a long work week, Rich got his second wind and joined in the conversation, and my three guys were acting like buddies.  At the end of dinner, we made plans for later this summer for some more family time, and I now have something special to look forward.

Family isnt always blood

Sadly, the end of the week came with some sad news.  Charlie Ebile, my brother’s best friend, and partner in business, also one of Alex’s producers and mentors, passed away after a long illness.  I know my brother (and TL) are feeling empty at this moment, Charlie was a huge part of their life.  Alex too is feeling empty; he is also blessed he had the opportunity to see Charles on his last visit to Saratoga Springs, NY., in April.

no room for failure

However, it is now Sunday, a new week.  Anything can happen.  The Ups and Downs of last week may be resolved, or we may take yet another new path.  There is no room for failure just for learning, growing, and moving forward.

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