My Mother Would Say – Just Say It!

illusion of communication

Today, as well as, the last couple of days have been tough!  It’s tough because the concept of COMMUNICATION has escaped many.  With the use of Facebook, texting, Twitter, and voicemail, too many people believe that communication is just sending a thumb up, a like, or an emoji with no actual response to the conversation proposed.  When you don’t tend to communicate with words, it’s hard to know if there is an understanding between yourself and the other party you are attempting to get a direct answer.


I have spent the last 20 years since Alex was diagnosed with Asperger’s (Autism) that it was imperative that he find his voice, whether in words, or some other format of language to make his thoughts know.  He has traveled a rocky road, and has had to seek out advocates to help him communicate, and re-interpret his words and actions, however, today he is very direct and on point.  When he is not, he is the first one to allow you to tell him, and he will re-evaluate his wording and identify his thought pattern for a clearer understanding.

the struggle of today

My best quality and strength, as well as, my worst quality and strength is my OCD (do it now.)  I see every detail, and I work to get the job done.  I point out all the details and encourage others to participate for the sake of success if that is what they want too.  If they don’t, they have a choice, but I live to be the best at what I can do.  Along the path to success I do trip and fall, but I learn from the errors I make, and I don’t to repeat them, and if I do, I take full responsibility for my lack of ability.


I enjoy working with others to learn from, and I am aware of my weaknesses, and I seek others to use their strengths to compensate for the lack of mine.  I encourage others to be the POSSIBLE and not the IMPOSSIBLE, but I cannot be responsible for their lack of trying.

if its important

EXCUSES!  My friend and client, Rachelle King ( reminds me when she tells me she is busy, it is not her making an excuse.  Living life for her is the fun of keeping herself busy with family, friends, business, leisure time, and so much more.  She does make time for new adventures but for the person on the outside they may think at first; she is avoiding you when in reality, she is communicating with you, and encouraging you to live your dream too.

excuse or change.jpeg

However, other people use excuses of work, family, and their hobbies for the reason they can’t get complete a project they started, but they are still working on it (months later.)  Answering an email, returning a voice message, responding to a text is just ignorance!  If you’re too busy, the reality is you don’t want to communicate with that person, so be honest, and end the relationship.  Don’t keep someone hanging, no words are often worse in a friendship or a business relationship than the shaking of hands and ending things in a civil manner.

what could go right

Ending a Relationship and Reinventing It!  A special thank you to our friend Vince.  A misunderstanding and a difference in direction ended a work and social relationship for a short period.  However, with some time to refresh, regroup, and reinvent, we have put any differences aside, and communication has been re-established.  Friends are precious, and all it takes is an honest conversation, and we have that with our friend.  Our prayers are with Vince as we say, #fightMariafight!

boomerang of life

As this week comes to an end, I am blessed that I get to spend tonight with my three boys.  My husband Richard, my oldest son Steve, and my youngest son Alex.  As a family, we have had our communication issues as well.  We are a step family that has blended despite trial and tribulation.  However tonight we will celebrate Mother’s Day a week early, and I feel blessed!

effectively communicate

Get Better Outcomes by communicating civilly.

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