I Hope They R Proud

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My mom (and my pops) would be proud of me today, but even more proud of the young man I have raised along with my husband, Richard. Not only would they be proud of Alex, but the fact that Alex and his brother Steve have rebuilt what was once a rocky relationship into a solid brotherly one. Today, Steve is busy working on his law career and enjoying his passion working with alternative music. Alex continues to pursue is dreams, and today he will step forward hosting the NFL DRAFT Show for NoStaticRadio.com with his show After Further Review.

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Alex has loved sports since his first introduction to the game of baseball at the age of 3 while watching the Cleveland Indians playing the Baltimore Orioles (Oreos) with his dad. Thinking that the Baltimore was the Oreos and not the Orioles made the game more enjoyable but soon he was capturing the game and had a keen sense for it. We took him to his first game the following summer when he was four and people in the stands name him in “Lucky” and would rub his head because he could spot the pitches from his seat. He was calling strikes and HOMERUNS. Even Yankee fans visiting Cleveland loved Alex.

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The summer of 2004, The Muffin Man, also known as Gary Jeter, introduced Alex to Football. We would frequent MY Favorite MUFFIN and the owner, Gary Jeter, formerly of the New York Giants, LA Rams, and New England Patriots and a Clevelander who play for Cleveland Cathedral Catholic; was Alex’s influencer not only to football but the Cleveland Browns. In 2012, when Alex’s online Sports Broadcasting Career began to develop he reconnected with Gary and interviewed him, and Gary mentored him from New York. Alex was blessed to feature his legend, Gary Jeter on many occasions the last interview can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/myimpossibledream/gary-jeter-the-last-interview-dedicated-to-his-daughters-with-love

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Today, Alex is honored to have one of Gary’s daughters, Kayla Jeter who has accepted to be interviewed in honor and memory of her father, the Great Gary Jeter. The Great because he had a loving and caring heart. Gary saw the good and the positive in others. As big as a man as he was in stature, someone you would not have wanted to meet late at night in a dark back alley, he was as gentle as a teddy bear. His daughters are all sweet, talented, educated, women following their dreams and passion. They have a love and respect for family and friends as they were taught by both their beautiful mother and father. Gary was taken away from us all too soon, but his spirit is with us. I see it in Alex’s eyes and feel it in his daughters who remain my friends. And tonight, we are honored to have Kayla Jeter join us who once was Alex’s playmate.

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Yes, my mother would be kvelling because I too learned from her it is better to give than to get and I have been doing that most of my life, but now I do it more because I love it and I feel so compassionate it about it. Not only will we be honoring a great legend we will also be raising funds for a great cause, the Keira Kilbane Foundation with Baube DVasha’s Cookies. Spreading the sweetness of the day and allowing life to help bring a smile to the families who are battling Childhood Cancer or have Battled it! Some have fought the battle and won, and some have fought and sent their child off to the heavens to live a pain-free eternity. CANCER SUCKS, and until there is a cure, we must support those that experience the journey, and we will do what we can tonight to make their voices heard.

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We will also be growing the NoSTATICRADIO.com brand and introducing ourselves to a new group of listeners and potential sponsors so we can make our voices heard and bring you our dreams and fulfill your ears with what you want to hear on sports and other related topics. We believe IMPOSSIBLE is a word that must be dissected because it means I’M POSSIBLE. Alex is proof, and so are the many talented people bringing you great content.

I’M POSSIBLE I have battled life too, but I am living the DREAM called life. Thanks, MOM and POPs – Hope you are Proud!

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