Epiphany on Mom’s Birthday


If I believe that it is our soul, personality, our inner being that lives on, it makes no differences how our bodies return to the earth when our body gives up its last breath.  Our body might give up, but if someone continues to remember us, love us, they will keep us alive!

someone i love.jpeg

That is what the DVasha Series is all about, and that is why I can wish my mother a Happy 97th Birthday today!  My mom still lives in my brothers and me as well as everyone she has touched.   It took waking up to a massive migraine this morning to realize this!


I normally am a poor sleeper, but the last couple of weeks have been even worse.  This morning I woke up with my worst migraine and yet I knew I could not give into it as I have a busy schedule and it’s my mother’s birthday.  And then I remembered, mom isn’t here!  EXCEPT SHE IS.  She’s here because I am holding her close to my heart.  I have a lovely photo of mom and dad sitting in my living room, and every morning I greet them!  Their big huge smiles make me feel so beautiful despite; the throbbing pain in my head, my morning breath, and looking like a bad hair day.


This morning I had an epiphany, my mother (and father) are here.  Death does not take our loved ones away from us.  Death removes their physical body that has worn-out, however, their souls, their personalities, and all they were has been left behind with those of us that have chosen to carry on, on their behalf.   I now understand that I did not have to grieve their loss as much as I needed to embrace their existence and what I learned as their daughter.

be yourself.jpeg

Today on my mother’s 97th year or her 24 ¼ birthdays (Happy Non-Leap Year,) I realize how blessed I am that I am the daughter of Dorothy DVasha Freedman Moss.  As my brother, Joel eulogized her; there will never be another Dorothy like her.  She was funny even without trying to be.  She was feisty even at her 4ft 11 inch stance, sometimes telling us she was 6ft 1 inch, but that was just a mix-up with her numbers.


My mother was the most generous woman I have ever met, and I have spent a good portion of my life trying to imitate her goodness.  My gift to my mom as she reaches 97-years young will be to share her legacy of love, family, and humor.  DVasha will be with me all the way!

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