LUV on Valentines Day

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I am sitting in an Einstein’s Bagel™ restaurant writing today’s blog, and I am feeling very misty! I want to reach out and tell the WORLD, MY WORLD that I love you! I don’t think I told my parents enough how much I loved them, and how much I appreciated them. But they were the best, warts and all! My mom demanded respect because she was mom, also, because as I learned in her dying days she indeed was looking for acceptance. What I found out in the last couple weeks of her life she didn’t think she was smart, but she was. She didn’t think she was talented, but she was. And, she was liked and loved by so many! (ESPECIALLY LOVED BY MY DAD)


Dad, on the other hand, was striving to make others proud of him. Dad was smart without a college education. He too had talents, just look at his many works, Words by Harmon, I have binders of them, and soon I will begin to share some of his writings. He wrote love letters to my mother, lyrics for songs for friends and family, and poems for everyone’s special occasions. If my dad knew you, you got some prose from him!

My dad wrote to President Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Regan & Clinton and he got a few responses too. Dad was self-published a dream he accomplished among many.

But the most significant accomplishments in my father’s life was marrying his DVasha, and I share it with you here…. And it with this letter that I realize now how lucky I was to have Jay Harmon Moss & Dorothy Freedman Moss as my Valentine Parents!


I am shouting #ILOVEYOU!

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