I didn’t mean to LIE


Did I lie to my mother? Months before my loving DVasha had her stroke, and months before she started to slip into a state of dementia, she was fearful of THE DONALD who she thought was demented. I was so convinced that he would never win the AMERICAN vote that I kept telling her not to worry.


Have I lied to Alex all these years? I have said to him he is as capable as anyone in this world. Being born on the spectrum and having challenges may make him special in that he has some keener skills than others. Therefore, he something to share that will add value to our society. I have promised him that there are kind, loving people in our world and that our government is a Democracy with checks and balances and my generation has worked to keep it that way. This morning I feel like a FRAUD!


When my mother-in-law died in December 2007, she was skeptical of Barack Obama, but she took the time to listen and comprehend what he had to offer. She not only listened to the news, read the newspaper, but she also participated in conversations with friends and strangers and up until the time she was not well enough to do so. If my beautiful, well-intention mother-in-law had lived to cast her ballot, she too would have supported Obama. She may have questioned some of his actions, but she would never have felt outraged as she would over what we are experiencing over the BIG DEMENTED DONALD. (Those are my words, and if my mom were alive her Yiddish words would be more colorful!)


My mother’s parents immigrated to the United States. My father’s great- grandparents immigrated to the United States all to escape oppression in Russia. My ancestors fled the Cossacks as they watched their villages burned and their families killed. My Zayde, my mother’s father, immigrated to established himself in the U.S., secure employment and housing before returning to bring my Baube, my mother’s mom, and his two daughters to America. Each time his travel was by foot, horse and cart, and steerage, it was not a luxury travel, and it took months each way. On his return to bring his wife to the United States, he found the village deserted. This added worry and anxiety as he searched for his beloved Ida.


It’s true I have not experienced what the refugees of today are going through. I also agree that our streets are not paved with gold and the United States can barely take care of our neighbors and family members. However, that does not give us the right to STOP immigration overnight because some RANDOM PERSON does not like their religion, the color of their skin, the way they speak, or the way they part their hair! Yes, we must be vigilant and protect ourselves from harm, however, the majority of these people immigrating are running from evil they are not harmful.

I did not lie to my mother on purpose. I never believed that THE DONALD TRUMP with the YELLOW POMPADOUR would be elected POTUS!


I apologize to Alex because he should be accepted as should all on the spectrum and with Special Needs to add their unique abilities and incorporate their lives into society and become one!


However, I refuse to change my views on life, and I will continue to live a positive, energetic life. I will keep my energy focused on MY I’MPOSSIBLE DREAM where IMPOSSIBLE = I’M POSSIBLE.

I pray that THE DONALD TRUMP wakes up and realizes he is not GOD, but he has created the DEVIL that not only AMERICANS feared but people around the WORLD. Now it’s time for him to take off the RED SUIT and put down the PITCHFORK!

I Pray my mother is resting in peace!


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