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I’ve been thinking about my mother a lot and maybe it’s because I’ve been working with some very impressive people creating some great podcasts for the D’Vasha Series.  In fact, if you go to https://soundcloud.com/myimpossibledream/sets/new-dvasha-series you will find the podcasts that are part of this series.  The most recent ones are very special and let me explain why.


Alicia Mindlin, is the daughter of my one of my besties from my childhood.  Her mother Blanche and I went to Sunday School together.  While my mother was in her final journey of life and I was struggling with my how much time I should be with my mom, and allowing myself some respite, Blanche insisted we meet for coffee.  It took a number of tries but the Friday morning we met for a first cup of Joe at a local Starbucks™ it was like we had just seen each other yesterday.  We caught up within seconds and I knew, spending time with Blanche was what I needed.  I didn’t have to ask her, she just was there for me, friends (family.)


Her daughter, Alicia, connected with me on Facebook and immediately I felt a kinship.  She understood me and I understood her.  Alicia is the same age as my oldest son Steve, although more like a daughter, she has become a very good friend and part of my extended family.  Alicia understands family dynamics.  She and her sister Bethany are polar opposites but loving sisters. I enjoy watching this family interact, Mom- Blanche, Dad- Alan, Sister- Bethany & Alicia, it’s like a TV sitcom, but one that we can all learn from.  If you continue to listen to our bi-weekly podcasts we hope you too will strengthen ties with your family, that would be the first time to a Positive Tomorrow.


When my mother passed- away on that Tuesday afternoon, October 11, 2016 I felt alone.  The matriarch   of the family that brought us all home to Detroit was gone and I wondered what would bring us back.  It is true I have lived in the Cleveland area longer than I ever lived anywhere in my life, but my heart is in Detroit and my family is buried in Detroit and I have a need to keep their lives shining bright.  Alicia and Blanche and their extended family and opened a door to help me do that as well as many of my other relatives that I will connect to on my return visits.


Upon returning to Cleveland in October I felt lost and displaced.  I have friends and business colleagues here, but in all the years that I have lived here (36 years,) I have never developed the warm connected friends that I still have back in Michigan.   UNTIL I did a podcast on Tuesday with Heather & Bradley Greene.  (Except for one family, thank you Tierney Family, My Italian – Ethnic similar Jewish Family.)


My mother must be kveling in the heavens above.  I am now sure she would be happy that I pursued completing my degree in communications and I am now podcasting and living the dream (IMPOSSIBLE = I’MPOSSIBLE) and sharing that life is a positive force.  Months ago, I posted on Facebook I was looking for individuals that had experience either personal or professionally with elder care today.  The experiences we were having with my mother were EXCELLENT and APPALLING!  I wanted to know if this was the norm, or if we were doing something wrong so we could correct it.  I wanted to correct it either way.


Many people have responded and many will be podcasting with me in time, however Bradley & Heather came out on Tuesday and shared not only what they do as a husband and wife team, but they showed me why.  They are passionate, compassionate, and likable.  Not only do I like them, I felt so comfortable with them I felt like they were part of my family.  I felt comfortable enough to ask to be part of their family, and their arms opened.


The DVasha Series is about family.  It’s about coming to terms with relationships.  Sometimes it may mean looking in the mirror and examining yourself and your relationship with your parents and siblings.  No one is perfect, however, it’s more about trying to achieve.

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