TrAdItIoNs with Positive Outcomes


It would have been a hoot if the Detroit Lions had won the Wild Card Game yesterday and had made it to the Super Bowl.  You see it has a been a tradition in the Moss house that we supported the losses of the Detroit Lions because we knew we could count on them to lose and a win would be a gift from heaven.  Every Thanksgiving the Lions play and since I was a little girl the family gathered around the TV, first a black & white console followed by an RCA Victor color television.  As the years continued to pass on and family went their separate ways we all watch the game or listened to in various forms.  As family members passed away, we put the games in their hands and prayed they would have a link to the big guy in the sky, G-d, and hope this team would just turn it around and WIN.  This year they came close and maybe my mom, DVasha, the honey, had some influence, but apparently, it didn’t pay off in their loss last night with a score of 6 against the Seahawks 26.


It’s funny how traditions that we have in our families even over something as simple as rooting for a football loss because you know the loss won’t upset you, and if they win it will delight you, becomes so important in your blueprint of life.  It’s even more ironic how we put the pressure on our loved ones.  Whether they knew the sport or not, or had the personality to negotiate with the big guy, to take our list of negotiations to him and vie for a win when in fact there is so much more that he has on his plate right now.  However, this does make us smile, and it brings us together creating another fond memory.


Yesterday, I chose to change my banner in Facebook with a photo of my mom, DVasha.  I as feeling very connected to her and just needed to have her close.  I made the change without thinking about the game.  However, the picture I should have on the banner if I am connecting my thoughts to the Detroit Lions and my memories of the past would be my Auntie Annie.


My Auntie Annie, my mother’s sister became a sports wife and mom because she felt she had to, to survive.  She had a wonderful loving husband who loved sports including the Detroit and University of Michigan Teams.  Auntie Annie was a quick study, and she would watch the games and attend the games and understand them on an even par.  My mom, on the other hand, was more like me, we understand what we understand, and we like what we like, and the rest is overwhelming boring, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!  However, my mother’s favorite sport was golf, she played it, fairly well, so she understood, and I think she would have loved to see Tiger make a comeback.


Before my mother died, she and I listened in to Alex and Pat on “After Further Review,” which you can catch on Tuesday Nights from 7 -9 pm.  You can also listen to past show reels as well.  When mom was listening in, she asked where Alex got all his knowledge?  On that night, Alex was talking baseball (his favorite subject.)  He was discussing the reasons why it was going to be a tight race for the World Series if it turned out to be between the Indians and Chicago (which it did.)

stop worrying.jpeg

My mother, tried to sit up in her bed and she said something like, why isn’t Alex working for Major League Baseball?  He is analytical.  He has all the facts.  The Indians may be statistically better, but Chicago is Chicago, I get it!  She then told me to make a phone call to get him a job.  Well, I don’t know who to call, but I pray she will go to the big guy and put in a few kind words.


I believe, we must have a reason to get up each day and try to make life better.  I can sit here each day and complain about the choices happening around me.  I can be angry about the cold weather and the aches and pains I may be feeling, but someone else has it worse.  Instead, every day I choose to find at least one thing that makes me happy.  That one thing can be as simple as I am not feeling my migraine right now!  Take a moment and enjoy it and stretch that moment out.


Also, remember one more important piece of advice, YOU CANNOT MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY!  You may influence their happiness, but they must accept it and feel it.  Each of us must live to make ourselves happy and if that means we want to spread happiness we cannot get angry if others do not accept it.

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