One breath…


Rich talks about us getting in the car and driving off for a night away. Just to talk, to be in a new environment, to do one less stressful thing, or find something new and stressful and laugh it off. We are not always good at spontaneity, but when we try it, it’s fun!


We have enjoyed Jamestown and the Lucy Desi Museum, and it’s in a beautiful area of NY and the Allegheny Mountains for sightseeing and photo ops. However, just 24 miles from there is the Seneca Casino, and although we are not gamblers, the resort has a beautiful hotel.  We had a beautiful room, at a perfect price. We had an OK meal, but a decadent desert and for those, I tell I don’t eat sugar last night I Cheated – back on my regiment today!

The Brownie-Sundae was so good, but the 15 lbs. Rich has lost and the 14 lbs. I have lost, we don’t want to find again. So, the decadence was worked off and let’s just say- sugar is for very special occasions!

Yesterday my DVasha series blog referred to the fact that I am still counting the days and remembering what happen when and where I was five weeks ago. In fact, at 3 pm yesterday as we were driving east on I-90 a twinge- a wave hit me that I should be not going away to have fun, I remembered my mom, her last breath and my need to sit with her…

However, I took that breath and realized that she would want me to take this road trip with Rich and live life and tasting the sweetness.

I am breathing!

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