Not By Choice


Four weeks ago, yesterday, my mother passed away.  Approximately seven weeks ago, she cast her absentee ballot to shatter the glass ceiling.  She was skeptical of Hillary but more frightened of President-Elect Donald Trump.  My mother was born on February 29, 1920.  Although a little girl after WWI she lived through WWII and saw many of her friends go off to War, some not to return. Many of my mother’s friends were Holocaust survivors, and she learned from them what it was like to live among HATE.


In the 1960’s we lived through the civil rights era and the burning of our city of Detroit and Minneapolis.  If my mother taught my brothers and me one thing that was that life is precious and we all deserve a chance and no one is better than another.  Your skin color does not identify if you are right or wrong and your religion is only one part of your identity and living in the United States we have Freedom of Religion and Speech and so much more.


My mother also taught me to play fair and for most of my life I have given the shirt off my back to others to make them happy.  I have chosen to make others happy and to sacrifice for them.  However, it is only in the last year or so my mother started rattling my roots, and she grabbed my attention allowing me to be me!


Yesterday I followed in her footsteps and following my heart and voted for Hillary as I felt she met the needs of this nation and based on the popular vote (I’m right!)


My world feels turned upside down.  Not only do I not have my mother, my rock by my side, but this country is now being led by President-Elect Donald Trump who to me resembles someone with more hate than those involved in WWII.  I can only hope and pray that I am wrong and that we will come together and heal and when we do, life will resolve itself for the better.


In My Mother’s Memory I must Believe!


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