Just When


Just when you think you know where you are going, you end up in the wrong place!  Last night my plan was to return to Temple, I have a need to establish some roots, say Kaddish for my mother, and return to something familiar.  I thought I knew where the Temple was located, little did I realize the congregation moved ten years ago.  What I did not realize I was literally just blocks away.  However, it was 7:45 p.m. and the community is gaslight lit. I am not a good night vision driver, and my new iPhone 7 was not completely set-up with navigation or SIRI.  So, headachey, tired and overwhelmed with thoughts, I headed back home apologizing to my mother and wishing I could just call her on the phone instead.

When I got home I noted this response on my Facebook page from a very dear friend:

Blanche Lynn Mindlin, “I totally know these words are true. Lit my mom’s yahrzeit candle Wednesday night for the 14th time with tears running down my cheeks while I recited the Shama. It’s ok to cry and miss our parents. See you Sunday.”


Blanche is a dear friend from my Sunday school girl days, we reunited on Facebook and rekindled our friendship in person at Starbucks™ while I was caring for my mom these last few months.  Blanche understands the loss I feel as many of you do as well, and although life goes on and we continue to laugh and smile, there is always an empty spot that aches and needs to be filled.

The more we talk, and laugh and share and bring those memories full circle the fuller that void becomes. 


Today, a dear friend of mine celebrates the short life of her sister who died just a week after my loving mom.  My friend Robbin was caring for my mom while her heart was breaking for her terminally ill sister was preparing for hospice.  Robbin provided my mother with love, compassion, and laughter to ease her final journey.  From my mom’s bedside, Robbin went directly to her sister Tami, and I have shared her journey and sorrow of loss as well, and together we are filling each other’s hearts with love.


Life is a journey, and it is up to each of us to live it fully and to engage in kindness.  We all need the support of another; not one person has the answers to everything.  It is not about being right or wrong it’s about being, breathing and appreciating the NOW.  My mother taught me one valuable lesson during the 2 1/2 months I spent with her it was I was strong enough, smart enough, and had enough love in my heart to be her support.  I could listen to my mother’s words and take comfort in them, and I could comfort her as well.  It proved to me that when Alex and I initiated MY I’MPOSSIBLE DREAM, the concept was even broader than we could have ever imagined.  IMPOSSIBLE, no I’M POSSIBLE, and it’s because of my momma!



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